Q. How does it work ?

A. When you join our Affiliate Program, we will generate a custom referral coupon code and will also provide you with variety of banners and links that you can use on your social platforms, website, blogs, YouTube channel, etc. When a customer uses these coupons on our website, will track their activity and you will earn commission on every successful transaction.

Q. Who are eligible for our Affiliate Program ?

A. There is no such eligibility criteria, that said if you have a fan base or you’re good with marketing and promoting then you have an upper hand. We mostly recommend YouTubers/ advertisers/ bloggers/ content creators/ social media influencers/ public figures/ etc.

Q. When and how will you get paid ?

A. Payments will be cleared on a monthly basis, ( can also be on a weekly basis ). You will receive payments via Paytm/ GooglePay/ PhonePe/ Etc. You can also collect the payment in cash.

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Email: support@bongswag.com

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